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FORT Calendar 2024

FORT Calendar 2024

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The foundational idea behind FORT, imagined and brought to life by 52 different trans artists and producers through the medium of print. Each page of the calendar is a collaboration between two artists who've not worked together before.
The FORT 2024 Calendar is here! Fundraising to build a non-profit queer community printshop at FORT in Stoke Newington, London. With the money raised from this calendar we will buy our RISO printer (which we will print the calendar on !), upgrade our screen printing setup and build a mezzanine into our print space to make more storage space for the stock of our online shop and accommodate more members and more forms of printmaking. All contributors are paid commission so this calendar also supports the work of trans artists.
In our studio we will host workshops and training, support employment and paid work for queer and trans artists, help queer businesses make, stock and distribute their art, support political actions by hosting sign painting days and holding space for meetings, help make merch and products for trans fundraisers and build community by offering a vital sober space to creatively and collaboratively work, experiment and play in.


- 13 beautiful A3 RISO art prints on 170gsm recycled paper (various colours) (£15 each if bought separately)

Brought to you by:
@bugspikes, @leofox__, @voidplugs, @transrebelcowboy, @alimma.zheztransaq, @carnelianseville, @teaglitch, @alkfaen, @beeillustrates, @wet_mess, @dorians_room, @sepia_confusa, @sleepy_edi, @ruthmartinartist, @pol.b.c, @segadoeslines, @thefoxfisher, @hallucineric, @jeng_au, @seeing.paths, @squarepegtattoo, @goodthorn, @_thesocialanimal, @neensever, @camp.books.and.prints &

- 4 freebies including a functional calendar element as well as three A5 inserts which showcase what RISO is capable of, what our print studio offers, and how to hang your fresh new calendar.

Brought to you by:
@r.ustyart, @amyadunbar, @art_motherfucker, @studioonstrike, @violet.menace, @katcurio &


- WE WILL BUILD OUR OWN HOMES AND FIND OUR OWN HEAVENS — The zine. Explore with us what it means to build our own homes and find our own heavens. (£3 extra if purchased with the calendar or £12 if bought by itself)

Brought to you by:
@asha.lyons, @pacheanneanderson, @arya_aliii, @veryhelpveryfull & @gogogoingone

- RISO PRINTED STICKER PACK (£3 extra if purchased with the calendar or £5 if bought by itself)

Brought to you by:
@art_motherfucker, @studioonstrike, @violet.menace, @katcurio &

This year's calendar is brought to you by an all-trans team, including the following artists and producers:

Production team, @r.ustyart, @hewholiveontheweb, @notindre, @mediocretrouble, @doodle.poke, @chrishham, @morganalexlee, @queer_discart, @king_kubs & @amyadunbar
Launch event team
@alien_ink_, @luchalkx, @0800saltandvinegar, @teaglitch, @segadoeslines & @bugspikes
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